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About Us

Bynet Electronics provides Network Testing Solutions, Cyber Security and Network Performance Monitoring over 30 years. Our experts are working behind the scenes to ensure the best Quality of Experience (QOE) & Quality of Service (QOS) next to professional services, in order to secure and maximize your network performance success.
Since the company’s foundation in 1990, Bynet Electronics has built a solid reputation, experience and knowledge as a supplier of comprehensive range of advanced Network solutions.
Bynet Electronics is strongly positioned in the Israeli Telecommunication industries.
Bynet’s customer portfolios consist of Developing Labs (R&D), Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), Communications Integrators, Network Operators and Service Providers, Enterprise IT, and Military Industry and Government.
Bynet Electronics is a member of the RAD-Bynet Group – a world leader in voice and data communications technologies. The Group is a family of more than 20 independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry.


Bynet Electronics offers innovative network solutions to ensure quality of experience more than 30 years.

Our board portfolio of innovative solutions and services is organized into three operating segments of the network field: Testing, Cyber Security and Monitoring solutions in order to secure and maximize your network performance success.

Bynet Electronics also provides professional services, consulting, implementation and support.

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We are here to help you with anything to do with testing, validating, monitoring and making sure that your solution works as expected. We have a very experienced, motivated and well-educated team that can provide you with all the answers and solutions that you need. We have a unique combination of people who enjoy working together and bring our customers with the best of breed solutions while taking into account the technical restrictions, financial needs and the variety of available technologies. We do the extra mile for you to feel the friendly productive atmosphere which puts in the center all of your needs.

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