Packet Loss = loss of money​, CpacKet Solution


Next Generation Performance Monitoring
Banking, Finance & Trading Markets Environments

Monday, March 20
08:30 – 12:30 

Bynet Electronics Headquarters,
Raoul Wallenberg 24, Tel Aviv, Ziv Tower

Packet Loss = loss of money

Many of the largest global financial firms like JPMorgan Chase, PayPal and Thomson Reuters, rely on cPacket Networks to monitor and troubleshoot their networks. With the lowest latency available on the market, and features such as gap detection, and forensic insight, cPacket deliver improved operational intelligence and up to 80% faster mean time to resolution in their troubleshooting.

Bynet Electronics, the official representative of cpacket Networks in Israel, invites you to Vip Roundtable.
Join professional peers and learn Why is it so important and how does it effect your network health?

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