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Our Services

Bynet Electronics PS team provides IT teams and testing communications equipment manufacturers services Including Professional testing and independent services.

Services based on professional communications engineering team and the inspection equipment including emulators, simulators, generators, analyzers and monitoring systems for highly advanced of their kind.
The combination of professional and experienced team along with advanced test and monitoring equipment that are based on international standards are the optimal combination provision of effective and optimal expert tailored to customer needs.
Using Bynet Electronics PS services in order to test and benchmark, provides decision makers in purchasing communication equipment the optimal picture performance equipment that they are going to purchase and implement in the communication network.
This situation assists the decision makers to get the optimal decision needs of the Organization over time.
In addition, Bynet Electronics PS services provide the operating entity and network operators, during the malfunctions, substantially reduce the complexity of the duration of malfunction and damage to detection service and the ability to continuously restoration of the problem and taking preventive action to prevent recurrence.

Range of expert services that Bynet Electronics offers include

Load, performance and response times for components like Firewalls (firewall load balancer), switch, Routers and more.

Load, performance and response times for communications networks end to end

Load, performance and response times for business applications and user experience

Reviewing the qualifications of telecommunication lines

Benchmark comparison tests communications equipment

ATP acceptance testing communications equipment, communications systems, communications infrastructure and communication networks

Testing Service Assurance securing existing services and launch new services

Security checks and reducing risk assurance including Viruses, Phishing, Vulnerabilities

Bynet electronics logo testing monitoring communication

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