Simplifying Ethernet Testing for Today’s Network Reality

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By: Tomer Minkovsky
Product Line Manager

How many times have field technicians started a test application only to realize that someone with a high level of technical expertise is required to? configure and perform the test


The goal of iSAM

The goal is clear-cut: to simplify Ethernet service-activation testing for field technicians of all skill levels.

simple and quick: by turn-up configurations used in the industry today, from 10M all the way up to 100G.

Our world is changing superfast into a digital world where we are connected 24/7 and almost everything is connected to us (very near future with IOT).
QOE (quality of experience ) and user satisfaction from service provider is THE GAME today ! they are trying to win this game and survive this war succeeding to maintaining and saving their CAPEX / OPEX….

So what is so important? What was changed?

The fight is 24/7 daily to monitor and prevent or reduce down time to minimum while everyone watching HD Movies on their tablets / Smartphones connected to Ultra-fast LTE networks.
This is the new reality today and the new operator’s challenges: stable networks without the slightest affect to the quality of experience.

So what is missing?

Time passed away rapidly and changed the way of the Ethernet world as we knew it from traditional simple services to triple play packet based networks and the only way to secure QOE for demanding customers is with proper testing / validating.

Wait… But we did test until today … so what is the big deal here?

With emerging real time video services and real time voice services the legacy
RFC-2544 testing standard (presented more than 15 years ago and targeted for network element testing and not Network services) will no longer fits the need to validate next generation Ethernet services Turn-Up. Currently major network providers that still use RFC-2544 testing method learn that it was designed for testing Ethernet equipment within LAB environment and that is why it won’t fit active network testing… on top of that it is not designed to test multiple services Simultaneously.


Current Next generation service Turn-up testing and troubleshooting can be very complexed:

• Which test methodology we need to used? where? and when?
• Complex testing configurations
• Testing knowledge by itself
• Down time and ROI

OK Then, so what I need to do now?!?

To make our testing life become much easier, EXFO brought to our tool box the first easy to use and super-fast real world Ethernet network deployment testing application. We call it iSAM. It is based on ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC-6349 standards. iSAM is EXFO’s intelligent service activation methodology which is comprehensive test application that will allow us to significantly test turn-up / troubleshooting scenarios much more faster and much more easy 1G to 100G services:

• Customer SLA Validation Testing
• One single complete solution for testing all of the following – Layer 2/3 and TCP layer 4 with RFC-6439
• Pre-configured MEF test profiles

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