Automation and Lab Management

By removing the repetitiveness of standard tests, developers and testers are able to focus on new functionality while still providing coverage of existing features.
Our automation solutions are designed around Best Practices so once a test is created it can be reused saving time in automating future tests.

Why implementing a test automation?

Well-intentioned, but inaccurate information of implementing a test automation solution have caused some organizations to forgo the benefits. The 4 Most Common Misconceptions related to the prospect of integrating a test automation solution within an organization are that test automation:

  • Is hard
  • Is expensive
  • Will eliminate testing jobs
  • Is “all or nothing”

CLEAR Automation

CLEAR Automation is a solution for test automation, physical lab management, and virtual testbed orchestration. Through proven solution components, including solution as well as best practices applied across a wide range of next-generation environments.
The ideal automation environment consists of multiple variables operating in seamless interaction. Understanding these variables, and successfully optimizing their interrelationships within the products, processes and people, are required for a successful solution.

Virtual and physical testbed orchestration and test case management

Integrated lab management and test execution solution for elastic test labs. It coordinates, orchestrates, manages and monitors physical and virtual environments as well as facilitates lab consolidation. Its drag and drop interface allows testers to quickly create and execute complex test scenarios while its multi-user reservation system prevents resource conflicts even with teams spanning multiple continents.

Portfolio of test management and automation products provides test labs the ability to:

Reduce time required for quality assurance and customer service lab testing
Increase the flexibility and speed of configurations for customer demonstrations
Reduce expensive test equipment needs through more efficient sharing of devices
Reduce manpower requirements with remote management of devices
Minimize IP address requirements with improved connectivity and sharing
Speed software and hardware testing with rapid connectivity reconfiguration
Share scarce expertise and equipment while improving collaboration

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