What happens when your network has an intermittent problem?
Today’s IT needs granular visibility of data, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like Next Generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. our solutions gives you state-of-the-art testing technology to help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.


Industrial Environments & OT Network 

In the last 15 years, industrial environments have experienced a massive digitalization, driven by the demand to boost efficiency and reduce costs. While bringing significant advantages, this digitalization process has dramatically increased the complexity of industrial environments and has led to an increased number of OT‑specific threats, over which asset owners have no visibility.

This solutions provide asset owners with full visibility over these threats before they lead to operational or cyber incidents. The benefits of our solutions go beyond traditional cyber security and extend to every organizational level, from C‑level management to the engineering team. Supporting all major OT protocols and vendors

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Test the security, performance and scalability of your app-aware infrastructure

The deployment of application-aware infrastructure brings with it innovative capabilities for managing traffic, security and Quality-ofService (QoS) policies. However, to accurately test application-aware infrastructures, it is critical to generate realistic packet payload that emulates actual application traffic on your network. The solution provides 1G to 100 Gbps on a variety of platforms for stateful traffic testing with authentic, customizable payloads for realistic security, load, and functional testing.

Advanced Fuzzing Engine

We offers a scalable framework based solution with enhanced mutation-based test cases to provide maximum test coverage to support customer-imported protocols, with the ability to scale from 1 to 30 concurrent fuzzing tests (depending on hardware configuration.) Mutation-based fuzzing seed values are used to easily alter the negative inputs used in the test, and to allow for the same mutation to be used in ongoing or future tests.


One of our monitoring solutions appliances provide both high-level network visibility and immediate access to the packet-level details on demand. This improves customer’s ability to troubleshoot problems as network traffic spikes and bursts, over-subscription, errors, and misconfigurations. This unique architecture is enabled by the advanced capabilities of the solution patented Algorithmic Fabric chip.

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