IP Cloud & IP Core

Resource-intensive applications are driving higher bandwidth requirements—both in your data center and in the cloud. Our virtualization and cloud test solutions enable you to architect the modern software-defined data centers that is ready to use and deliver next-generation apps and services, from anywhere.
With our solution we can help benchmark and optimize the performance of your entire data center and cloud infrastructure including network virtualization and cloud platforms.

Cloud & Data Center

Some Technologies can let you maximize the scale of your cloud networks and storage. But how will you keep your data center overlays in check? Our test solutions validate switching fabric at scale with large number of nodes and new protocols.


SDN and NFV test solutions let you build a next-generation network—quickly, efficiently and with total confidence, thanks to an exciting shift that happening in carrier and enterprise networking, with virtualization and software-defined networking technologies bringing new possibilities.
Virtualization is the current best bet for revolutionizing the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network.
With our solutions you will be allowed to determine the impact to network Quality of Service (QoS) and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) by defining millions of flows that mimic real-world traffic patterns.

IP core

New demands are forcing service providers and enterprises to evolve their networks quickly—creating highly complex, multi-layer architectures. Our test solutions for high-speed Ethernet and IP networks will ensure your next-generation networks deliver the quality and reliability your users demand.