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VoLTE, ViLTE and RCS on Mobile Devices
Mobile service providers (MSPs) are now looking to offer a range of new services over freshly launched LTE networks. Chipset vendors and device manufacturers need to ensure their products are ready. However, they face a number of challenges to implement Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Video over LTE (ViLTE) and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) standards in their products. Read our white paper to find out how these challenges can be overcome.
Testing for mobile networks
When thousands of texts, calls and emails are sent every second, the modern mobile network is under vast, unpredictable levels of stress. As a mobile network operator you must ensure your network is ready for anything. Spirent’s complete portfolio of solutions let you test your network under real-world conditions.

Channel Emulation

Channel Emulator is an advanced test and measurement system that accurately simulates the complex effects of signal fading on wireless transmissions. The system enables the test and evaluation of a broad range of applications with a variety of channel densities, from basic applications like 2-channel SISO to complex, high channel density applications like MIMO OTA and carrier aggregation. One of our solutions platform combines modularity, scalability and ease-of use into a powerful test and measurement solution that addresses the needs of a constantly evolving wireless market.

Mobile Core

Generate real-world control and data plane traffic of millions of mobile subscribers as they move through the network to test key mobile services like VoLTE, eMBMS, Internet data and emergency services to verify the functionality, performance and scale of the Mobile Core. Supporting LTE, GSM, UMTS, eHRPD and Wi-Fi networks while consuming IMS and Over-The-Top services.
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LTE Analyzing

Mobile traffic skyrocketing, more video and peer-to-peer sharing, bandwidth-hungry applications proliferating, smartphones and tablets became more and more multiplying. The strain on your network is only going to increase! With our testing and troubleshooting solution will enable your engineers to thoroughly verify network performance and interoperability— and ultimately, your subscriber’s actual quality of experience! Our intuitive and flexible test tools deliver results in real time and speed up troubleshooting, while minimizing your average mean time to repair, not to mention your OPEX.

5G & IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers great promise and opportunity, but success requires managing new technologies, multiple standards, diverse requirements and security threats. One of our vendors can helps developers get to market faster, with the right solution. IoT challenges we are solving: Standardization & Interoperability, Certification & Testing, Visibility & Control.