Optical Components

Bynet Electronics offers optical solutions which optimized for high-performance characterization of the new generation of telecom systems, Available in modular, scalable platforms, or benchtop instruments, our wide selection of passive/active component and system/subsystem solutions put test and measurement where performance matters on the production floor.

One of our vendors is an award-winning world leader in the design and development of advanced optical polarization and timing management instruments, modules and components. Its products are used worldwide in applications such as fiber-optic communications networks, test and measurement applications such as for coherent detection systems, fiber-optic sensor systems, medical imaging equipment and other applications.

Network engineers and operators worldwide use this solution to remotely provision, monitor and reconfigure optical paths in real time to greatly improve network availability and reduce OPEX. This solution is purely optical, photonic system is also employed by customers who need to handle a wide range of optical signal types, or rapidly and remotely select from a number of signals and reconfigure distribution to one or more recipients