Service Assurance & Analysis

We look at network performance from a different perspective, we provide a unique approach to assuring quality, while addressing the challenges of today’s environment and offering operational efficiencies that will allow you to maintain customer satisfaction and profitability.

One of our vendors provides solutions that Continuously collects, correlates, analyzes and visualizes critical QoS and QoE data from the network core to the customer endpoint, can plan for capacity increases, verify service turn-ups and identify, diagnose and quickly resolve network and service performance issues before customers are affected, thereby guaranteeing service quality.

Why service assurance? To attain the highest perceived value.
Since the quality of the customer experience or customer satisfaction determines value, service providers need metrics to measure performance and ensure the highest perceived value. This is where a service assurance solution comes in. It provides the means to:

  • Meet pre-defined service quality levels
  • Provide tangible metrics of network performance
  • Optimize network operations
  • Provide management guidance
  • Offer the best subscriber experience

An example of a Key features of service assurance platform:

  • Service Dashboard – Providing at-a-glance metrics, holistic status visibility of business services, network and application components, so the IT organization can focus triage efforts where needed most.
  • Service Analysis – Offers comprehensive analysis of specific application transactions, such as email, databases, enabling services, and unified communications, as well as traffic analysis to identify the root cause of performance issues. The specialized service monitors provide holistic visibility into application sessions, their query/response volume, their latencies, and any errors associated with the specific servers, including affected user communities.
  • Session Analysis – Allows drilldowns, with context, from service monitors to specific session-level analysis, ladder diagrams, with hop-by-hop transaction analysis to help identify the specific issues.
  • Packet Analysis – Based on the context of the workflow already performed, you are presented with packet-level analysis and forensic evidence collection that is relevant to the issue at hand.

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