Flexible Ethernet testing, troubleshooting and monitoring system capable

    Writen By: Roy Fargon
    Product Line Manager

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    The Aukua MGA2510 is a flexible Ethernet testing, troubleshooting and monitoring system capable of multiple key applications from the same hardware-based system.


    Inline Packet Capture and Protocol Analyzer provides 100% line rate, low latency, inline capture, protocol analysis, and custom traffic visibility.

    Network Impairment Emulator precisely recreates the delay, congestion and impairments found in all real-world data and storage networks.

    Traffic Generator creates line rate L1-L3 traffic or can accurately replay capture trace files with multiple streams of virtually any protocol mix.


    The MGA2510 is used by R&D, Test and Support engineers building, deploying and supporting Ethernet based IT, storage networking and communications systems.

    Inline Packet Capture and Protocol Analyzer

    • Network Visibility and Troubleshooting
    • Layer 2+ Packet Capture
    • Layer 1 PCS Capture & Analysis
    • Analyze Traffic Throughput and Protocol performance
    • Event Timing Analysis

    Traffic Generator

    • Throughput Performance Testing
    • Bit Error Rate Testing
    • Precise Latency Measurement and Analysis
    • PCAP Playe
    • Functional Testing

    Network Impairment Emulator

    • Delay and Network Impairment Congestion Emulation
    • Real-world Application Performance Testing
    • Reproduce Production Network Customer Issues in the Lab
    • Predict Application Performance
    • Functional and Negative Testing

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