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    service provider, data centers, enterprise IT networks, mobile communications, connected cars vehicles or the Internet of Things


    2016 Growing Cyber Security Trends

    Looking forward these are a few key security threats we see growing in 2016

    2016 Growing Cyber Security Trends

    2016 Growing Cyber Security Trends

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    SIM Without the Card – Spirent Embedded IoT Cloud

    Spirent’s Embedded IoT Connectivity and Subscription Management Cloud enables universal connectivity on your devices to unlock the vast revenue potential of IoT.

    5 Best Praectices for Assuring Carrier – Wi-Fi Quality of Experience QoE

    Today, there is nothing but Wi-Fi for carriers seeking to support their surging traffic levels. Given the scarcity of spectrum and unabated growth of mobile video traffic, the business case for Wi-Fi has never been


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    Vertex Channel Emulator

    The Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models.


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    SDN and NFV TM Forum Insights Research Feature

    learn about the impact of network function virtualization (NFV) has on the active testing market. It talks about the emerging use cases for virtualized active testing, and Spirent’s offerings in this area.


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    SaaS platform for cloud and network testing

    Neil Holmquist, Vice President of Marketing, demonstrate the Spirent Temeva TestCenter solution and discuss how it can help organizations validate their cloud provider service level agreements (SLAs).

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