who we are

Bynet Electronics offers innovative network solutions to ensure quality of experience more than 25 years.

Our board portfolio of innovative solutions and services is organized into three operating segments of the network field: Testing, Cyber Security and Monitoring solutions in order to secure and maximize your network performance success.

Bynet Electronics also provides professional services, consulting, implementation and support.

Bynet Electronics is a member of the RAD-Bynet Group – a world leader in voice and data communications technologies. The Group is a family of more than 20 independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry.

Bynet Electronics has positioned itself in the vanguard of the Israeli market, by representing leading suppliers in the global market, by providing innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology and by providing comprehensive support and full transparency to the client, all under one roof.

Bynet Electronics amassed extensive experience and know-how during the decades of its operations and earned an esteemed reputation for its expertise in technological development and in meeting the rapidly evolving challenges in the market.

Bynet Electronics provides a comprehensive range of solutions that meet the requirements of the R&D and manufacturing market, specialized in Cyber security, Testing and Monitoring solutions.

Our clients include companies and corporations that are driving the communications industry: NEM’s, Telecom, Enterprise companies and Defense.


“Ensuring the success of your network performance”

Bynet Electronics is a prominent distributor in the Israeli market, offering its clients added value through its expertise in understanding the challenges, identifying and analyzing the problem, building an optimal solution tailored and customized for the client, from end to end and over time.


Bynet Electronics’ team of experts also undergo professional training at the vendor’s site in order to gain an in-depth understanding of product and features. Our experts have a profound understanding of the evolving challenges relevant to all segments of the industry.


Bynet Electronics has been meticulously selecting its business in order to ensure that it provides the best solution for its clients.

Bynet Electronics understands that comprehensive solutions are needed for the constantly evolving technological developments. Therefore, Bynet Electronics provides a range of comprehensive solutions to meet its clients’ diverse needs and strives to constantly expand its partnerships according to its clients’ needs.